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What our Campers Say

Art camp is a great way to learn new art skills that you can use towards your GCSE and A-Level portfolio. Many different types of media such as felt, lino prints and darkroom photography are available to try. I have always enjoyed my time in art camp and would recommend it to anyone.


I have attended art camps for the past 9 years and been to almost all of the ones possible during this time. I love spending part of my holiday here as I get to learn new art techniques such as felting which you wouldn’t have time to do during a lesson time. I also really enjoy the atmosphere because you get to make new friends, talking to people you wouldn’t normally but they have a similar interest so there will always be something to talk about.


Art camp is an opportunity to come into school and make good use of time during the holidays. It has helped me work on pieces such as felt making, which I would not have the time to do during usual school hours. It has also helped me add extra work and build up my portfolio for GCSE and A-level.


Art camp is fun because you can do lots of artwork that you wouldn't normally be able to do. Animation is my favourite because it's cool and we get to use lego and plasticine.


I have been coming to Art Camp since Year 3. Its a great way to see your friends outside of school whilst making a portfolio which could be used for scholarships or GCSE coursework. Access to a wide range of materials and resources plus top quality teaching makes this a really worthwhile experience.


I have been to art camp many times over the past 5 years and it is a great opportunity to be creative at the same time as being with friends.  The art is always exciting since there is the chance to use new techniques which cannot be done in normal lesson time such as wet felting and photographic etching!  On top of this, it can be beneficial to coursework if fine art or photography are one of your GCSE or A-level choices.  However, it is great for anybody who wants to create art even if you are not very experienced at drawing or painting.


I have been attending art camp for 8 years, I’m now in Year 12. I studied Fine Art at GSCE and now A-level, I was awarded the 11+ art scholarship, 6th form scholarship and the Sugden Art Fellowship. Art camps have enabled me to explore new techniques and mediums to express myself. For the younger years (before GCSE) I created many small crafts such as Christmas decorations (which have a pride of place every year), photos which I developed in the dark room and paintings of still life.
I believe going to art camp has increased my interest in art as a subject and helped find my favourite mediums. For GCSE and A-level I feel that Art Camps had a positive influence on my grades (attaining a Grade 9 at GCSE or A** equivalent). Art Camps give you the time and materials to explore a variety of techniques such as Photographic Etching, and felting. These techniques help to show experimentation which boost your grades in art. Art Camp is a fun place to socialise with your peers or likeminded pupils from other schools.


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